Thursday, February 1, 2007

The blood is pumping
bright red religion
my blue eyed faith
all white
unforgiving earth
to tread, to disturb
I'm not resting tonight

hold my hand and I'll remember,
all the love that's always been
smile and know,
you were always my favorite daydream.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Have I ever told you why?
Yeah, I hate you.
I hate you because you're just like me.

All kinds of ugly,
painted up just right,
we fool the whole world.

Sometimes I think you copy me
but no
you're just a copy
or could that be me
I want to smudge you out
I hate to look at myself
So sad and pathetic
lets rip the skin and let all the ugly out.

Have ever told you why
Yeah I love you
I love you because you're just like me

Even us filthy things need love sometimes.

And on and on she tore at her sheets
and on and on she kept screaming
she had to win this fight
"Just one last dance to prove I'm right
Just one last chance to stop the hurting
I know I should say no
if only it didn't feel so much like letting go"

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let me lay here
until the sunrise
my head is swimming
in a bottle still

Let me dream here
sorry's never cut it
but I'll apologize

I'm sorry if
with every sip
you seem to mean
so much less

I'm sorry if
when I've reached the bottom
It's you whom
I seem to forget.

I'm sorry if
my mouth finds
a soft and ready
pair of lips

I'm sorry if
when the bar closes
it's not you
I'm going home with.

But my head is still swimming
in a bitter bottle
Full of dreams
and sweet relief

And you're still smiling
and you wont forget me
and I'll come back
when I'm done unwinding

Pssst I love you

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Looking in your eyes
everything starts to make sense
my world falls apart
nothings where I want it to be
but I know
In my heart I know
everything is exactly where it's supposed to be

Holding you in my arms
I'm so far from where I had planned to be
my life got up and ran away from me
but this new life in you is worth everything
I wouldn't trade it for anything

Every morning you greet me with,
The most sincere smile
The most genuine laugh,
these are the gifts you give to me.
I've never been so rich.

Thursday, December 7, 2006


Real love
waiting here, waiting for you
it was everything you couldn't do
so hand it on back to me

Real love
it was everything you wanted it to be
it was nothing more than a dream
so now I'm handing back to you

Now I scream
this can't be the end of the story
why does all great romance end tragically
please don't say this has to be

Then you plead
remember those things that you told me
those long nights were so cold and lonely
please love come back to me

But it's all make believe
none of this was ever meant to be
we can't give take it
coat it
break it
we always knew
me and you
just couldn't make it

Now I see
We always knew this to be
a futile attempt to be happy
it just wasn't meant for us

Real love
One day you'll be waiting for me
this isn't the end of my story
Now hand the page back to me